CC Cars was established in 2002, when Christian Jensen started importing the small Fiat 500 to Denmark.

Christian quickly saw that there was a large market for classic cars, and since then sales have increased significantly. Today, we sell over 300 cars each year, which emphasizes that we have the right goods in high quality and at good prices.

In 2008, CC Cars really got on the map when we built a 2000 square meter showroom in Ans. Here we have room for approx. 150 cars.

9 years later – in 2017 – we experienced another significant expansion of the business when we opened a branch in Odense. Kristian Grünhut Liborius from Otterup became co-owner and day-to-day manager of CC-Cars Odense. In 2020, Kristian also became director and co-owner of the department in Ans. Former director, Christian Jensen, continued as co-owner and member of the board.

In 2023, we chose to leave Odense, and instead gather the entire business in Ans. In the same year, CC-Cars became part of the Selected Car Group – unequivocal proof that we had succeeded in creating a strong and sought-after business with classic vintage cars.

As part of the purchase agreement, CC-Cars continues its business in its own name, just as Christian Jensen and Kristian Grünhut Liborius continue to be responsible for the day-to-day operations.

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