CC-Cars is established in 2002 by Christian Jensen. He started importing the classic Fiat 500, and rather quickly he discovered, that there was an expanding market for classic cars.

With a sales number of almost 200 cars in 2007 it has been proven that CC-Cars has the right selection of high quality cars with great prices .

In 2008 CC-Cars build the biggest car house for classic cars in all of Scandinavia - 2000 square meters in total filled with classic cars.
On one hand we have customers that only buy one car, and on the other we have investors that have bought more than 30 cars from us.

In 2016 CC-Cars sold approximately 300 cars from the department in Ans. The market for classic cars is expected to continue to rise. In 2017 CC-Cars opened a new branch in Odense where Kristian Grünhut Liborius is co-owner and COO. The reason why we chose the location in Odense, was to get closer to our customers on Funen and Zealand, thus providing a better service in these areas.

Part of the Selected Car Group

As visible proof of the positive development, CC-Cars became part of the Selected Car Group in the summer of 2023.

Selected Car Group combines passion and love for cars with a unique range of skills within the passionate world of premium and special cars. Our car universe is supported by strong synergies between three business areas within leasing, investment and collector cars.

Selected Car Group includes Selected Car Leasing, which mediates the leasing of cars in the premium, luxury and sports car segments, Selected Car Investment, which buys and sells cars for investment purposes, and Selected Car Collection, which is one of Europe's finest car collections of its kind.

"We are very happy to share the engine room with Selected Car Group in the future. The larger organization will add a number of advantages for us, to a large extent also through an even larger car universe for our customers," Christian Jensen said in connection with the takeover.

2023 was also the year in which the activities at CC-Cars were again brought together in Ans. The branch in Odense closed down, and Christian Jensen and Kristian Grünhut Liborius will now be jointly responsible for the day-to-day operations in central Jutland.

Broad interest in classic cars

Usually it is men that are interested in classic cars, but we have also experienced a fair amount of women who shares the interest. That opens up for new ways to spend time together.

The classic luxurious cars comes from Europe but we also have classic American cars. We always have around 100 cars in stock, and we are also happy to bring cars home by or customers requests. Approximately 40% of our cars are actually sold before the arrive in Denmark.

A great condition to find the right and optimal solution to your request is openness and honesty - both from you and us. We are an experienced team that wants to be known for being motivated until the request has been handled properly. Contact us if you want to invest some of your equity - we are always happy to help with our experience.

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